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New Fund Offer.

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❶ What is New Fund Offer (NFO)?
New fund offer is occur by an investment company and New fund offer is a part of mutual fund. The difference between NFO and IPO is that the IPO is relised by an perticular company but NFO is offered by investment company. A NFO is occure when the fund launched and most of the fund is marketed by an investment company.
Is it good to invest in NFO?



Experts suggetion is that the investment in NFO is good but when you invest in previously analies fund i.e 1st you analysis the fund then you invest in NFO. If you don’t have enough time to study on share market then you invest in NFO but you have time to study i.e you are a student then you investing in NFO as well as you investing in company on your own risk i.e you analysis the company then invest a money.
❸ What is NFO offere price?



Investors like you and me purchase a new fund offer on mutual fund i.e MF mutual fund scheme at an offered price that is offer by fund. This price is may be fixed at Rs.10 per unit.
➤ If you have any question about NFO then comment below and send your feedback NOW.
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