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Rossari Biotech IPO.

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About Rossari Biotech:

Rossari Biotech is specialty textile company means this is in a pharma company. Rossari Biotech IPO declaration date is 13 July 2020 to 15 July 2020.
There are some Important points about Rossari IPO:


❶ Rossari Biotech Financial that help to know about company Revenue,tax and more:

❷ Rossari Biotech IPO Details:


More Information About Rossari:

1) Rossari Biotech company listing date is Thursday/ July 23, 2020 and it is listed on BSE and NSE both.
2) Rossari Biotech is chemical company and they are main three category and that is Textile specialty chemicals, animal health and nutrition products and home personal product care and performance chemical.
3) There 2000 different products containing in this three categories.

Investors Portion:

a) QIB: Less than 50% of the offer.
b) NII: More than 15% of the offer.
c) Retail: More than 35% of the offer.

Business Model of Rossari Biotech company:

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Rossari fundamentals are very well with respect to new investors and i hope this company are doing well in future.
Now and present condition the pharma companies doing well because of corona and in future also pharma sectors grow towards the growth.
When you invest in this company i hope you hold a stock for 3 or 4 months.
If company do well performance then stay the position but if company has give you poor result then sell their share.
My suggetion to you is read before you buy ipo and if the company are increase their NPA or liabilities section then you time to time check their statements.
Also check their quarterly reports and annual reports.
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