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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Top 5 Stock To Buy For Short Term | Latest | 2020 | Tranding | By Finnoexpert.

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 Top 5 Stocks/Share To Buy For Short Term Period:     

 Here are some stocks that you can hold for a short-term period i.e 3 or 4 months and below. Stocks we preferred you that all stocks are selected under the Financial Experts and also I hope you love it. If you want to invest in it then Go ahead but if any situation stock will go bear and at that time you are responsible for your investment.

 1) Bharat Electronics (BEL) :

 Bharat Electronics company is a state-owned company and it’s related to defense and aerospace company it means your investment is totally in the Indian defenses. Key People of this company is ‘M V Gowtama’ and he is an MD and Chairman of Bharat Electronics. Bharat Electronics Production is like Avionics, Radars, Weapons systems, Electronic voting machine e.t.c.


Defence Army of India.

LTP: Rs.106.90 

Target Price: Rs.135

Stop Loss: Rs.93

Upside: Rs.26% 

2) Bandhan Bank :  

Bandhan Bank is established on 23rd December 2014 and this is a subsidiary of Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited. Bandhan Bank has the approval of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Chairperson/Chairman of Bandhan Bank is ‘Mr. Anup Kumar Sinha’.    

bank, banking sector

LTP: Rs.311.30

Target Price: Rs.360

Stop Loss: Rs.290

Upside: 16%

  3) Pfizer :  

  Pfizer is a Pharmaceutical sector based company and it is embarked in New York, USA. Pfizer company is known for a product like Advil, Viagra, Zoloft, Lipitor, and Enbrel e.t.c. Pfizer is the Second-Largest company in revenue in 2017. As Q2 Results come we saw the most Pharma company take bullish run due to the covid-19. In a few months, there is a corona vaccine is also come and at that time this pharmaceutical company is taking a more bullish run. In India, There are most important sector is the pharma sector and that’s why this is are give you maximum return in the short term period. 

medical, tablets, pharma company

LTP: Rs.4,775

Target Price: Rs.5,280

Stop Loss: Rs.4,560

    Upside: 16%     

 4) Bluedark

Blue dark is a public company where the public invests in it and Bluedark Express LTD. is founded in November 1983 and the founder of this company is Mr. Tushar Jani. 


We know that before 4 to 5 months later there are most eCommerce companies are working stop due to the corona reasons and at that time simultaneously courier services also are work stopped but now the government loses their restrictions w.r.t coronavirus on the basis of covid-19. So the eCommerce company begins to starts and courier services also. I hope this stock will go rise in a short-term period and give maximum return.


courire services, ecommerce sector

LTP: Rs.2,299

Target Price: Rs.2,564

Stop Loss: Rs.2,140

Upside: 11%  

 5) Trent :

Trent is in the retail industry and Trent was established in 1998. Trent is the part of the TATA Group of India so it is a good thing for investors. Trent has operated stores around India. I hope this stock is to help you to give a maximum return for a short term period


Ecommerce companies also give momentum to this stock and people also have a good response from the retail industry. TATA Group has the ability to grow this stock and I hope they do it. Basically, Trent is a subsidiary company of TATA Group and the retail industry is getting a good bullish run.

tata power symbol, tata group of india.

 LTP: Rs.649

Target Price: Rs.705

Stop Loss: Rs.610

Upside: 8%

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