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Saturday, January 28, 2023

TATAMOTORS Jump By 20% within a WEEK

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 Tata Motors Growth:-

There is reason behind the growth of  tata motors since 2 weeks and that is hug marketing in JLR and also they announced their quarter december sales that is increased by 13%. Tata motors sequential recover their pandemic loses.

According to technical analyst tata motors share touch 350 level in upcoming 6 or 8 months because we know that the tata motors have strong manegement support and also have strong fundamentals of their subsidieries company like JLR.

Recently Tata motors share was Rs.180 to 186 and then after JLR sales report in comes and they release their december quarter results then share price jumps from 186 to 252 day high and Now the share price traded between 240 to 245.

Long term investor hold the share for 8 or above months to gain hug profit in tata motors.

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