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IND Vs ENG | You Need To Know This Things, If you Love to Watch Cricket

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Cricket Is A Business: 

People watch cricket and more popular sports but one that we need to notice in our diary that is THE BUSINESS which type of business do with us and its a legal or not?. Now this question are solve from the following concepts.

ind vs eng cricket test match

A) Media: 

Through Social Media And Networking People Interact with ads when they watch TV or Any Application And that time the Sponsorship segment are works which are provided by the company like reliance, Vivo, Oppo, and many more. When we watch those ads which are played between the overs then TV channels earn money some percentage is given to BCCI.

media is not just an ad or sponsorship media is also a sponsor tag which we saw on cricket players Jersey.

media is we see on boards and big LED screens. 

some things that BCCI are not allowed to show in public and that is commentary sponsorship

very big income BCCI are earning from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more social media like this we saw ads when we operate our social media platforms.

The media is a mediator of cricket and BCCI, Media is also a bridge between them.

B) Brand Promotions: 

Company Who want to provide services and products in more audience also want to reach max number this company viral their video or small stickers on cricket player so that they can reach a maximum audiance.
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