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Psychology Behind Every Trader And Long Term Investor | 2021

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 In this world every person or group of person want to become rich fast even they don’t take any efforts for complete their dreams but they only want rich then please answer my question that they really and confirm become a rich?…


warren buffete

Our Topic is Psychology Behind Every Trader And Long Term Investor.

Warren Buffete says that trader has just a routine he buy and sell shares every day or even a every seconds.

Traders don’t need to study on any balance sheet, annual reports, quarterly reports.

they just run back on money. traders just look big profit in a day or week because they just complete their needs though trading.

And its right thing that By trading just complete your needs not your dreams.

Technical analysis is just like a gambling.

So, As possible as avoid trading in share market.


Become a rich is not just from Buy and Sell You need to take efforts and hold for long term.

  • Trading is Just Basis on Technical analysis.
  • Trading is not a option to become a rich.
  • Its just provide you need you want.
  • They don’t take any extra efforts
  • Trading is like a gambling.
  • Stop trading as much as possible.
  • People loose lots of money through Trading.
  • Trade is act only on Volume trend.
  • Trading don’t have long term view.
Tree with money

Investing in long term helps you to make huge wealth. If you take a example of every billionaire in this world everyone is doing long term investment.

There are too much rich person are set their life by doing long term investment and long term investment helps you to provide your dreams.

We discuss in trading section that trading just give you needs but long term investment provide you a dreams and helps to achieve your dreams.

Avoid as possible as or as much as trading and select path towards the long term investment.

Long term investment needs a study like you need to analysis company by reading annual reports, quarterly results, balance sheet e.t.c.

It helps you to become a rich person.

Warren buffet say that don’t do only quantitative analysis as well as do Quality analysis.

Focus on future not on Present.

When you doing any analysis of company then do it with the futuristic point of view.

By doing long long term investment you get rich but by trading you may loose money or you get just complete your needs or wants not your dreams.

  1. Do long term investment ( above 5 years ).
  2. it helps you to make your wealth.
  3. Magic of compounding only possible in long term investment.
  4. Long term investment is not gambling.
  5. Study about company managements and then invest.
  6. Buy low sell high.


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