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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Top 5 Most Expensive Shares in the World

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Due to the covid-19 recession, most of the stocks are in the critical stage, and also at that time, we get stocks in low price which is now at a high price so, if you grab that opportunity then always get a maximum return.

So, Today we are going to discuss the top most expensive share in the world with their market capitalization and some analysis.

Top Most Expensive Share’s In The World:

1) Berkshire Hathaway:

OwnerWarren Buffette (160 Million Shares Hold).
Share Price$ 4,27,156.00 (Rs.32,463,856) 3.5 Cr.
Market Capitalization$ 3,85,702 by Report 2021
Stock ExchangeNYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
BusinessMultitude Business Like GEICO, Duracell, Fruit of the Loom e.t.c.

Why This Stock is Too Expensive:

Dear readers, I wanna tell you all about bonus shares, stock splitting, rights, and e.t.c and if you read our previous post then you able to get more information about this concept. so, Berkshire Hathaway is a Company That does not split its share in whole life, and that’s why this gets a more impact on their share prices.

2) Lindt & Sprungli AG:

OwnerDavid Sprungli & Schwarz Rudolf Lindt
Share Price$ 92,300 (7,014,800) 70 lakhs.
Market Capitalization20 Billion
Stock ExchangeCHF
BusinessMajor Part is Chocolate Production

The sub Companies under the Lindt is Caffarel, Ghirardelli chocolate company, More. Company Maximum Business is In the chocolate and company all Products and Popular in all Over The world.

3) Next Plc:

OwnerHolding company by Next Holding Limited.
Share Price8,000 GBX (Rs.8,00,000.00)
Market Capitalization10 Billion Capitalization.
Stock ExchangeLSE (London Stock Exchange).
BusinessBusiness in Footwear, clothing, Accessories, home Products e.t.c.

4) Amazon Inc.

OwnerFounder-Jeff Bezos, CEO-Andy Jessy.
Share Price$ 3, 350 (Rs. 254,600)
Market Capitalization1.7 Trillion.
Stock ExchangeNYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

5) NVR Inc.

OwnerDwight C. Schar
Share Price$ 4,602.94 (Rs.349,823.44)
Market Capitalization12 Billion
Stock ExchangeNYSE (New York stock Exchange)
BusinessHome Construction & Mortgage Banking.


If you do saving monthly from your salary or income then invest in the proper way you do not need to buy too expensive stocks you should buy shares like Adani power or there is lakhs of the company in exchanges, you need to study on the company which you want to invest and hold for long term. Our Company Never Says that you do short term or do trading because this thins are given just temporary return but long term investment gives you a huge return with compounding effect.

“Be Greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy.”

_Warren Buffett.
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