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Afghanistan: end of the 20 years of controversial presence in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan: end of 20 years of controversial presence in Afghanistan

US Military return to their home and transferred their operation to Qutare, capital of Doha. Nearly after 20 Years of controversy Taliban get a Independence from US forces and after leaving Taliban, Talibani did celebratory gun fire. Pentagon Announced the end of war in Taliban and Transferred operation to Qutare Forces which is the capital of Doha. US general commander frank McKenzie said that this is the end of war and US C17 air lift from kabul air port. McKenzie also said that In kabul, Afghanistan there is lots of US aircraft’s, helicopter and military accessories is present but on Monday, 30 at 3.30 p.m US troops did all destroy that military accessories.

Commander McKenzie said that “we want to everybody is out from Afghanistan but we can’t able to everybody out”.

From the last 20 days US forces evacuated near about 1.5 lakhs of US citizen, citizen of our allies and allies of Afghanistan. President of USA Joe Biden also said that “Our 20 years of presence in Afghan is finally ended and our US Military forces return to US with 1.5 lakhs citizens but US military forces rest there all military trained dogs on Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Loss in Afghanistan

US face a $2 Trillions of loss in Afghanistan Controversy, In includes high developed armed trucks, Night Vision Goggles, Pistols and More. This all weapons are left for Afghanistan special forces but After Hostile takeover Afghanistan, this all high developed weapons are come into the control of Taliban.

ISIS-k Terrorism

Hostiles of ISIS-K faces a big problem with Taliban because there is insecurity of women’s and All Innocent Public are have a Lots of Restrictions. Talibani did torture and hunt them down for their oppositions.

When Taliban did suicide bomb attack on Kabul airport then there is lots of citizens and 13 US Military are dead, after this big news is out US did all those suicide bombs neutralized which is present in Afghanistan .

US President Joe Biden Says that “This Attack is very shameful and we hunt them down make you pay”. After this statement US forces neutralized the suicide bombs which will be plan for attack in Kabul Airport.

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