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Luxurious Car: Why rolls Royce is most expensive and luxurious car in the world

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Rolls Royce knows as the most luxurious Car in the World. This car are not come cheap and affordable because this luxurious car have a handmade magical carpet ride and Handmade decoration make more Royal and Luxurious Car. Rolls Royce come with 4 different type and facilities of this luxurious car.

This types of car are the best selling cars in the world.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom– $450,000
  • RR Ghost– $314,000
  • Wraith– $322,00
  • Cullinan– $330,000

This are Starting or entry level costs of the Rolls Royce Car But there is not only 4 types of rolls rolls but also come with virtually numerous types of car in Rolls Royce.

The Rolls Royce also available with extra features as you wish in you Rolls Royce car, Customization with infotainment features and more.

Rolls Royce Never tell there base price.

Mr. Rhodri Good Says that “Discussing the base price of rolls Royce car is depends on the person or individuals. Goods Also says that we have a bespoke team and if any person buy this luxurious car then we give him a right to customize their car“.

Why rolls Royce is most royal and luxurious car in the world

Things that make luxurious car like rolls royce

We know that Rolls Royce car so expensive in world but Color make more attractive and luxurious car hence Rolls Royce car has more that 44,000 of colour palette.

Mr. David Dean says “We replicate the car color with their house, old car, their lipstick’s and even we replicate color with owner dog with their DNA”.

Another interesting fact of Rolls Royce is that if any buyer want to buy exact finish of Car for his own the Rolls Royce Need to take a Permission of that Car Owner.

surface finish center

  • In this center whole car is colored by robotic machinery. There is more that 7 layer of color on Rolls Royce Luxurious Car.
  • After the large coating of color, worker put 2 clear coats of lacquer on Rolls Royce Luxurious Car.
  • Color of coat is depends on costumer needs, because we done 23 layers of color coat and its equally about 45KG Color coat on Rolls Royce Luxurious Car.
  • Wealthy costumer put color coat with crushed 1000 diamonds to perfect and sparkled finish to his Rolls Royce Car.
  • The Small and Detail Paint Work is done by only one man.

The brush is used by Painter is Made by Squirrel Hair.

Mr. Mark Court (Coach liner, Rolls Royce) says that “we have a high responsibility to give a attractiveness to rolls Royce luxurious car”.

The Brush is made by natural hair of squirrel to maintain the higher standered of Rolls Royce.

Feature that make rolls Royce Next Level

  • Self Rotating Wheel Center of Car which shows RR logo doesn’t rotate.
  • The man-made Grill of pantheon.
  • Spirit of Ecstasy Ornament

Another Luxurious car company BMW gives 65 Million Dollars to get all right of Rolls Royce company in which BMW get Only name, Spirit of ecstasy and symbol.

Some of key features of rolls Royce that make car more silent ride in which rolls Royce out more that 300 pound Acoustic Insulation across the Car to make silent ride.

Even in the tyres of rolls Royce contain a special type of foam that reduces the sound of road near about -10 decibels.

Interior key Features of luxurious car rolls royce

The dashboard of Rolls Royce Phantom is customizable, and the bespoke team make with costumer needs even includes gold plated dashboard, 3D printed and stainless still installation as per needs.

Starlight headliner

This is the most attractive and more gorgeous feature of rolls Royce car that make car into the next level. The roof of the rolls Royce made with intricate lineup of fiber optic which make starlight more brighter.

This concept of Starlight Headliner recreate the Virtual Night Sky that give more Happiness to the costumer.

It takes up to 16 hours to put all starlight headliner in rolls Royce car and every single hole of the roof he passes the fiber optic and they drilled near about 2000 Holes on the roof of Rolls Royce Luxurious Car.

special rose phantom model

This is the very embroidery project that rolls Royce is Done before.

To make rose phantom model they need to put more than 1 Million Stitches on the Dashboard and Roof of the rolls Royce Luxurious Car.

Why rolls Royce is most royal and luxurious car in the world

the rose model made by completely hand made and its contain butterfly, roses that’s give you a royal and luxurious look.

Expensive Model of Rolls Royce Luxurious Car

  • The Sweptail Model is Most Expensive model in the Rolls Royce History and even on the earth.
  • It take up-to 4 years to make royal and luxurious car in the world.
  • Company Reported that the price of Sweptail is 13 Million Dollars.

One Thing that make rolls Royce Most Expensive and Royal that is Luxury.

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