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What is joker virus | everything you should know about Joker virus

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What is the joker virus?

Joker is the type of malware trojan in android. The dangerous joker virus returns completely after one year to damage android users. In the starting weeks of July 2020 joker infected over more than 40+ android apps. But don’t worry accordingly google already removed those 40 apps from the play store. But for now, again that threat of joker malware returns. The all-new 8 android apps are infected by this malware. This dangerous malware steals users’ data which includes massages, contact lists, the device’s all information, Sensitive OTPs, and much more.

What Is Joker Virus. Everything You Should Know About Joker Virus.

Some of the major symptoms of this virus are your device running slowly compare to regular usage, system settings being modified without your permissions, suspicious dub applications appear, Battery and data usage increase in the background, your browser redirects you to suspicious websites, inappropriate advertisements display, etc.

As per google the all-new android apps which are infected by joker malware are as follow:-

  • Fast magic massage
  • Auxilary massage
  • Free cam scanner
  • Element scanner
  • Super massage
  • Go massages
  • Super SMS   &
  • Travel wallpaper

But don’t worry for now because google already removed all these apps. But remember that if these apps are present in your device, the malware will stay. If you have any of these apps on your device you should remove them as soon as possible.
Proper Steps to delete these apps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open apps list from settings
  3. Go to that particular app
  4. Deny all the permissions
  5. Clear cache and app data
  6. Then click on uninstall

Joker is a malware trojan that is a self-aware, artificial intelligence-based malign virus created by joker. Talking about the last year; Google had already removed 11 infected apps from the play store in the month of July and another 34 apps in the month of October. According to the data of zcaler these all apps reach over 120000 downloads. This malware builds to steal SMS and OTPs and the main target to sing up targeted person to WA protocol which is also known as a premium wireless application protocol.

This malware Is detected by experts, researchers of QUICK heal. This virus is very intelligent, it finds its own way to come back to the play store again and again after months. This joker virus is very self-aware that it manages to sneak again in-store by changing its code and its method of execution and by also is payload retrieving techniques. Shortly this virus is evolving and mutating so it is next to impossible to destroy all the viruses at a single time.
So this virus is always mutating so how to stay safe from this :
So this virus mainly targets some of the apps that include some of the best PDF scanners, all the massages managing apps, unique keyboards apps, stylish fonts apps, app locking apps, collage maker apps, third party translators, some photo editor apps, wallpaper apps …etc

So we recommend you please don’t keep these types of apps on your device. Just install the trusted apps i.e you trust the owner companies. since the joker virus keeps attacking the play store apps, you should follow some regular steps to avoid such type of trash. Always check the user ratings of that apps before downloading and also don’t forget to check reviews of these apps. If you observe too many complaints and poor reviews on the apps, just stay away from these types of apps. If you feel some suspicious activities or some suspicious permissions after downloading the app, again just remove that app from the device and secure your privacy

How joker virus spreads?

Joker virus hides inside banner or frame of advertisement of the apps that mentioned above delivers an initial loader to users device that contains a virus
(that loader responsible for the following tasks)

  1. To check the country of the device of the user.
  2. To connect with a command or a control server.
  3. Decrypting the second stage component which presents in DEX file format.
  4. Reading to the phone’s notification and then sending sensitive information to the core joker’s component.

Loader component:-

Joker virus examines the victim’s phone’s sim cards from the mobile country code before attacking the user’s Android device. The virus mostly attacks the Asian and EU countries. Now the loader is ready to download the DEX file for its further attack, now the main malware functionality starts.

Core component:-

Some part of this android virus is consists of a small amount of code that remains as unsuspicious as possible. This malware is developed by professionals who want to operate your system without being in the spotlight. This malware is always in touch with c2 servers for receiving new tasks or work.
The presence of joker malware is higher in India with 37 other countries like Belgium, Australia, and Austria, etc.

As we know the play store already removed all joker virus-infected apps. But we have to be safe from these types of malware and virus, so just don’t download apps that you really don’t want or you don’t trust the companies of that particular apps. We really don’t suggest you download these types of apps:
some of the best PDF scanners, all the massages managing apps, unique keyboards apps, stylish fonts apps, app locking apps, collage maker apps, third party translators, some photo editor apps, wallpaper apps …etc.

What Is Joker Virus. Everything You Should Know About Joker Virus.

These android apps might be the next target of the joker virus-

Advocate Wallpaper

Age Face

Altar Message

Antivirus Security – Security Scan

Beach Camera

Board picture editing

Certain Wallpaper

Display Camera

Great VPN

Humour Camera

Ignite Clean

Climate SMS

Collate Face Scanner

Cute Camera

Dazzle Wallpaper

Declare Message

Leaf Face Scanner

Mini Camera

Print Plant scan

Rapid Face Scanner

Reward Clean

Ruddy SMS

Soby Camera

Spark Wallpaper….

So if you have any of these applications, try to delete them as soon as possible.

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