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Iphone 14, the future successor of apple – Finnoexpert

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In this article, we’ll know about the future successor of apple, the iPhone 14.

Glance at iPhone 13 –

On September 14, Apple introduced iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 3 mini, and apple’s latest iPhones giving older ones a nerf in pricing. The A15 Bionic chipset had increased the battery life of the iPhone 13 significantly. Introducing new colors, smaller notches, and with updated camera system got customers hyped and most of the colors are the same for iPhone 14.

Glance at iPhone 13 -

Moreover, the changes were minimal. Due to which most people criticized apple for keeping the iPhone 13’s design similar to iPhone 12. Though having minimal changes in the design of the body compared to iPhone 12, the company still made a Sale/Shipment of $5 Million.

The New Iphone 14 lineup –

The next Apple iPhone lineup will be bringing a significant change in software, hardware, and in body design. Most likely the next iPhone models will be called/named as –

  1. Iphone 14.
  2. Iphone 14 Pro.
  3. Iphone 14 Pro Max.
  4. Iphone 14 Ultra Pro Max.
  5. Iphone 14 Mini ( Not Confirmed, Rumours suggest that, Apple could remove its mini varient from 14 line-up).
The new iPhone 14 Line-up -

The iPhone Pro model will include 3 cameras that consist of a 13MP primary, 13MP ultra-wide, and a 13MP telephoto sensor. The variant will be equipped with a Hexacore chipset, to give you a smooth performance and will be running on IOS 15 operating system. The Chipset is also suitable for intense lag-free Gaming with High Graphics. But will have a decent battery of 3200 mAh.

Changes in Software –

  • Reportedly, In the new iPhone lineup, the A16 Bionic chipset will be implanted.
  • Most of every A-Series chipset, the single core performace was 20% more prior the each generation.
  • Will introduce always-on-display inthe new Varients.

Changes in hardware –

  • The A16 Bionic chipset will be using 4nm tech to contruct with the help of TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).
  • The Current Notch will be changed with a Hole-Style notch (Rumoured).
  • 5G connectivity will be supported.
  • Improved Display prior to iPhone 13.
  • To Introduce a whole new Camera module and will remove camera bump of the Module.
  • The Face-Id Sensor will be Under Display.
  • 1TB and 2TB Storage options will be availed for the Higher End Models.

IPhone 14 release date –

Rumors suggest that the next Apple event on the i-14 lineup will take place on or near September 13 or 14, next year based on the pattern of earlier launch events. Every major iPhone launch and update was held between September and October of each year. And in India, the launch date will be around 31st October.

Pricing –

The Reports suggest that the pricing of the iPhone 14 lower variant will be priced at Rs.79,000 iPhone 14 will be Rs.99,000 and the pro variant of iPhone 14 will or may be priced at Rs.1,12,990.

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