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D. R. Nagar residents seek measures to control stray dog menace

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The residents of D. R Nagar behind Housing Board have sought immediate measures to control the growing street dog population in their locality as free-ranging canines in the area have started attacking pedestrians and motorists. 

In the recent times, two children — a 6-year-old boy and another 8-year-old girl — came under the attack of the dogs while they were playing near their houses on the 3rd Cross in D. R Nagar. 

“My grandson was standing near my house when a dog attacked him. He fell and sustained injuries. The boy had to be given treatment for injuries and five doses of anti-rabies vaccine. Children are scared to come out and play after the incident, “ Nagalakshmi, a retired teacher and resident of 3rd Cross, D. R Nagar said. 

Jayalakshmi Kannan, a resident of 2nd Cross, said there would be always be a pack of 8 to 10 dogs near the house. People are scared to move freely as the dogs suddenly become ferocious and chase people. “Cyclists and two-wheeler riders are more at risk during evening and night hours. They bark and chase motorists. Many accidents have happened in our locality, “ she said. 

Secretary of D. R. Nagar Residents’ Association Kaleel Rahman said the residents have been knocking at every possible door for a solution. “We don’t want the dogs to be harmed but at the same time people want to move in the area freely. The municipality should identify the ferocious dogs and shift them to shelter homes. The number of canines found in our locality is growing every day,” he said.

S. Sivakumar, Commissioner of Pondicherry Municipality, said the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme suffered a setback after Blue Cross disengaged itself from the birth control campaign in Puducherry. “We are looking for a service oriented agency to renew the ABC programme. The municipality has started the process to identify an agency, “ he said. 

Honorary Animal Welfare Officer of the Animal Welfare Board of India S. Selvamurthy cautioned people against confronting the dog if it is especially in a pack. If confronted by the canines, try to maintain calm and walk away. “If a street dog is barking at you from a distance, it’s asking you to stay away from entering its territory. You should try to remain calm and avoid moving close to the area. Don’t try to run away as they will have an instinct to chase you. There is no way that you can match a dog in a chase. You can also befriend a dog in your locality by feeding them biscuits, “ said Mr. Selvamurthy.

The only way to control the population was ABC. But it has to be a continuous process as any break in the programme would hamper the progress toward the target. The municipalities could also seek the help dog-catchers to trap ferocious dogs to rehabilitate them to shelter homes, he said.

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