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Kalkaji Slum rehab: 285 families selected in third draw of lots

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DDA has so far issued allotment-cum-demand letters to 1,576 eligible households from Bhoomiheen Camp JJ cluster

DDA has so far issued allotment-cum-demand letters to 1,576 eligible households from Bhoomiheen Camp JJ cluster

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has conducted the third draw of lots for 285 eligible families from the Bhoomiheen Camp JJ cluster as part of its in situ slum rehabilitation project at Kalkaji Extension. The result of the draw was published on Thursday. 

Through its previous draws conducted in February and June this year, the DDA issued allotment-cum-demand letters to 1,576 eligible households at the JJ cluster, while it has constructed 3,024 flats at the project site. 

A senior DDA official said there will be “no more” draws for the households at the Kalkaji JJ cluster, adding that “all eligible households at the Bhoomiheen Camp have been covered”. 

“Those remaining from the total 2,890 households identified at the JJ cluster are not eligible for a house under the project and a list of these non-eligible households will be published. The eligibility for a house under this project is determined by a committee based on the documents provided by the families. The list of households that are not eligible has not been publicly disclosed,” said the DDA official. 

However, the residents at the Bhoomiheen Camp, whose names have yet not come up in the draw of lots, said they were “assured of more draws to be conducted later”.

Confusion over future draws

“Upon seeing the latest draw results, we went to meet some of the officials concerned who told us that they will conduct more draws for the remaining families at the camp. Even a few days ago, we were told that close to 2,900 families from the Bhoomiheen Camp will be given homes. But we are confused as to what the final number is. We will have to wait and see whether more draws are actually conducted,” said Sagar, a resident who has not been allotted a flat yet. 

The senior DDA official said the remaining flats (1,163 of 3,024) will be used to accommodate families from the nearby JJ clusters — Navjeevan Camp and Jawaharlal Nehru Camp. However, no figures have been provided regarding the total number of households that have been identified in the two camps. 

The in situ slum rehabilitation projects in the city are part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U), which is implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs with the objective of ensuring proper housing for eligible slum dwellers and for people from the low, middle-income groups and economically weaker sections.

Earlier, another senior DDA official had said “a new housing scheme” has been developed for the two camps — Navjeevan and Jawaharlal Nehru camps — on a public-private partnership model, adding that the developer will have to vacate the two camps while providing the residents with either transit accommodation or rental expenses.

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