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MC Recommends: David Quammen’s book on Covid, new Hamilton Khakhi Field ‘Murph’ watch, Paul John Christmas Edition 2022

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Every year, since 2018, Michael John D’Souza has been indulging in a Christmas tradition at Paul John. D’Souza, who is master distiller at the whisky maker, creates “Christmasy” whiskies to go with year-end feasts and the general feel-good vibe. D’Souza says he uses at least three different whiskies from various types of casks. If the inaugural Christmas edition contained unpeated whiskies from ex-bourbon and bourbon casks, the 2022 edition contains unpeated whiskies from ex-bourbon, and brandy casks, and peated whiskies from olorosso casks. “It’s dark-chocolatey, plum-cakey, a lot spicier than the rest of our expressions,” says D’Souza. He especially recommends having it with “any fruit cake or a dessert”. The Christmas Edition 2022 is available in two sizes of 750ml and 50ml and prices start at Rs 6,500 in Maharashtra and Goa and Rs 7,000 in Karnataka.

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