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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Only heavy vehicles will be allowed on NAD flyover in Visakhapatnam, say police

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Stoppers have been arranged on NAD flyover in Visakhapatnam.
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Motorists should note that only heavy vehicles are allowed on the NAD flyover and two- wheelers and auto rickshaws are prohibited as part of prevention of road accidents, according to the city police.

The Police Department is also negotiating with Greater Visakhapatnam Muncipal Corporation (GVMC) to erect signboards at the accident-prone areas and dangerous curves like the curve on the Telugu Thalli flyover where two youngsters died recently due to road accidents.

Signboards have already been set up on the NAD flyover informing that motorcycles, autos and cars must travel under the flyover through the service roads on four sides for traffic regulation. Stoppers have been arranged.

The police warned that strict action will be taken if auto drivers or two-wheeler motorists do not follow rules and disrupt traffic management. Legal action will also be taken against those violating traffic norms after close monitoring by two special mobile teams in the place, said a senior traffic police officer.

A team of police staff monitors traffic at various junctions, including the NAD and Telugu Thalli flyovers, with the help of CCTV cameras capturing violations like dangerous driving, red light jumping, triple riding, riding bikes without helmet and others. The cases are being registered based on the evidences recorded in the City Command Control system. At least 50 cases per day are being registered by the police.

Speaking to The Hindu, Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) SK. Arifulla said that they frequently noticed that young motorists are driving zigzag on the roads and causing inconvenience to commuters. The parents also should notice their children’s behavior on the road.

On the Telugu Thalli flyover, four people died last year and two recently. They asked GVMC to install signboards on the flyover bend towards the railway station traffic signal point.

Dangerous bends

“It would be good and great help to public and the Police Department if the GVMC puts up signboards on dangerous bends and black spots, otherwise we have to do it. Our ultimate goal is to prevent road accidents and not to prosecute the violators and cause public inconvenience. People should understand and cooperate with the Police Department,” Mr. Arifulla said.

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