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Block star glowing after double mastectomy

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Block favourite Sarah-Jane Wilson is glowing after undergoing preventive breast cancer surgery.

The mother-of-one, 30, documented a glamorous date night with husband Tom for fans on Instagram over the weekend, wearing a stunning purple dress with cut-out details.

It comes after the reality star revealed she underwent a double mastectomy – surgery she learned she’d been approved for only the day before The Block’s November 5 auctions.

In a series of photos of her family from the weekend, including adorable snaps with daughter Cleo, Sarah-Jane appeared to be in the holiday spirit after a difficult year.

The down-to-earth Victorian couple, who were the judges’ favourites all season, were the surprise losers at The Block’s November auctions, earning just $20,000 in profit over their property’s reserve.

Following the finale, on top of Sarah-Jane’s surgery, the couple have been forced to hit back at claims made in a Daily Mail article that they’re “living out of a caravan”.

Tom and Sarah-Jane have made no secret of the fact they ended up losing money from their three-month Block stint – but their circumstances aren’t that dire, they told fans.

In November, Sarah-Jane revealed her breast surgery was preventive: She’s a BRCA1 gene carrier, meaning she has a much higher risk of developing breast cancer. She said her own mother first developed breast cancer aged just 36.

“It’s been a long time in the making – I’ve been on this list for five-plus years. Then, the day before the Block auction, they called me: ‘We’ve got a spot for you.’” She said.

Sarah-Jane had the surgery less than a fortnight later.

Celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Christina Applegate have also undergone mastectomies in recent years due to their genetic risk of breast cancer.

Sarah-Jane has been updating fans about her recovery and about the BRCA1 gene on her personal Instagram account.

In one highlight reel, she addressed the camera dressed in her hospital garments, with two bags under her arms to drain fluid post-surgery.

“It is day five since my double mastectomy – I’ve got my compression bra on, which they ask you to wear afterwards. I’ve had all my breast tissue removed, then I had implants put in straight away,” she said.

Originally published as The Block star Sarah-Jane Wilson stuns after double mastectomy

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