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Letters to the Editor — March 18, 2023

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In Parliament

The ruckus in Parliament has multiple impacts on the standard of operating democracy in India. There is a near absence of time spent on qualitative discussions and debates. It must be noted that the average time spent discussing a Bill dropped from 213 minutes in 2019 to 85 minutes in 2021. The intent not to answer the Opposition demands for a discussion on the Adani issue (possibly linked to causing greater financial trouble) is not a responsible act. It is distressing that there is a lack of parliamentary will to discuss important issues.

M. Ajay Ram,


Our elected representatives enjoy fat salaries and even fatter perks. But do their acts justify the public funds being spent on them? The answer lies in the continuous washout of sessions in the House. The House getting adjourned without transacting any productive business is a scar on our democracy. It is an exercise in futility to debate whether the Treasury Benches or the Opposition parties are responsible for the logjam. It is time our elected representatives realise that there are serious issues to be debated that concern the common man.

S. Seshadri,


In the parliamentary logjam, there is a complete silence on issues of unemployment, low wages for unorganised workers, loss of shareholders’ funds, opacity about electoral funding, and even the state of institutions, to name a few. When will our parliamentarians ever think of these?

M.V. Sridhara,


An exam no show

It is both surprising and shocking that nearly 51,000 students stayed away from writing the language paper of the Class 12 public examinations (Tamil Nadu, March 17). I suggest that a supplementary exam is conducted immediately after all the other examinations are over so that the absentees can be given a second chance.



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