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Spiritual impulse

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Our first absorbing impulse when we become inwardly aware of something entirely beyond what we now are and know, and are powerfully attracted to it, is to get away from the present actuality and dwell in that higher reality altogether.The extreme form of this attraction when we are drawn to the Supreme Existence and the Infinite Ananda is the condemnation of the lower and the finite as an illusion and an aspiration to Nirvana in the beyond, – the passion for dissolution, immersion, extinction in the Spirit. But the real dissolution, the true nirvana is the release of all that is bindingly characteristic of the lower into the larger being of the Higher, the conscious possession of the living symbol by the living Real. We discover in the end that not only is that higher Reality the cause of all the rest, not only it embraces and exists in all the rest, but as more and more we possess it, all this rest is transformed in our soul experience into a superior value and becomes the means of a richer expression of the Real, a more many-sided communion with the Infinite, a larger ascent to the Supreme.

Finally, we get close to the absolute and its supreme values which are the absolutes of all things. We lose the passion for release, mumukshutva, which till then actuated us, because we are now intimately near to that which is ever free, that which is neither attracted into attachment by what binds us now nor afraid of what to us seems to be bondage. It is only by the loss of the bound soul’s exclusive passion for its freedom that there can come an absolute liberation of our nature.

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