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Coimbatore’s Kannan Jubilee Coffee launches instant filter coffee decoction

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Kannan Jubilee Coffee’s instant filter kaapi decoction pouches and kaapi dips
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“Over two lakh consumers in South India start their morning with our coffee. We have to ensure that it is ethically-sourced and consistent in quality,” says J Shanker Krishnan, executive director of Coimbatore-based Kannan Jubilee Coffee Company. As he speaks, we sip on steaming coffee served in brass davara tumblers. It has a delicious flavour that lingers in the mouth, mellowed with just enough sugar.

The brand, which is over four decades old, (they started operations in 1971) has over 70 retail outlets across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala featuring a wide range of products including instant blends, chicory blends, and three-in-one and instant coffee. Some of the products like Degree Coffee is 100 per cent coffee, while Instanto comes with 20 per cent chicory blend, and the Royal Coffee has over 50 per cent chicory. The Rich Coffee with 20 per cent chicory comes in standing packs. They have now launched two new products: an instant filter kaapi decoction in 200 ml packets, and instant kaapi dips.

To make an authentic filter coffee, all one needs is a perfectly brewed decoction — a mix of piping hot water and ground coffee powder, and a coffee filter set. “We already cater to a generation that enjoys brewing its coffee. We thought, why should the younger generation miss out on filter coffee? They choose instant coffee because in most cases, they can’t get the decoction right. So, we launched this filter coffee decoction for millennials who are hard pressed for time,” explains Shanker.

While the 200 ml packs serve eight cups and can stay fresh for two weeks under refrigeration, the instant coffee dips, which can make two cups of coffee in a few minutes, are aimed at people who are constantly on the move,” says Shanker as he demonstrates how to use the dip to make coffee in less than five minutes.

AK Jayakumar, founder of Kannan Jubilee Coffee, and  his son J Shanker Krishnan

AK Jayakumar, founder of Kannan Jubilee Coffee, and his son J Shanker Krishnan
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He says their quality is a result of careful sourcing as well as roasting. While several tonnes of coffee is cultivated in The Nilgiris, Yercaud and Valparai, he sources the bean from Karnataka, the coffee hub of India. “We buy Arabica, Robusta and cherry coffee beans from the coffee belt in Kushal Nagar, Chickmagalur, Bababudangiri, and Wayanad. Almost 90 per cent of our products have 80 percent coffee and 20 percent chicory composition. Sometimes, we also make blends in 57: 43 ratio of coffee and chicory,” he says adding that to ensure quality, they choose coffee estates that meet the prerequisites of an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level, receives sufficient rainfall, and a minimum of four hours of sunshine. “We buy uncured beans from the estates during November to February, cure it, roast, blend, grind and pack. It is while roasting that the green coffee beans get the characteristic brown colour. Temperature is the key,” states Shankar, taking another appreciative sip of his dark roast filter coffee. He then smiles and says “When you enjoy a good cuppa in the morning, the day will most likely be a good one.”

To order online, visit www.kannanskaapi.in

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