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Solo Travel: How to Have an Experience Alone

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If a vacation doesn’t coincide with the plans of loved ones or want to be alone with yourself, go on a solo trip. At first glance, it seems that such a trip is difficult to organize, but it can get as easy as playing online casino Canada real money games. And we have prepared tips to help plan a vacation alone.

Resolve Organizational Issues

Book a hotel room in advance in a safe area. If you don’t want to live alone or need to save money, look out for hostels with good ratings.

Download maps that work offline, like Maps.me. There you should mark your hotel and the places you want to visit. Translator apps, where you can also download the language you want, will also come in handy.

Observe Safety Rules

Don’t walk alone in the dark streets at night, and don’t go alone in areas that are considered unsafe. If you really want to see all the places of the resort, join a group tour or hire a guide at a special agency.

Write down the phone number and address of the embassy and add the contacts for emergency medical assistance. The telephone number of the assistance service is always listed in the travel insurance.

Use only official cab services, no private carriers. The best option in terms of your own safety is to travel on public transport.

Choose restaurants and cafes carefully. Study the rating of the best places in your area, and when visiting public places do not leave your drinks and dishes on the table unattended. The same applies to bars and nightclubs.

Observe the laws of other countries, for example, choose more modest attire in religious states. Wear a ring on your ring finger to avoid intrusive introductions and unnecessary questioning about why you are traveling alone.

Take Fewer Belongings

Solo travel also means that the tourist carries all of their belongings on their own during the trip. The best option is to take a small suitcase on wheels and a roomy, but not too bulky backpack. Take only the most necessary and versatile items that are well combined with each other.

Instead of heeled shoes and an evening dress, which take up a lot of space in the suitcase, put a spare pair of comfortable sneakers and a waterproof windbreaker with a hood.

Backpack is handy during the whole trip – a trip to the beach, a trip on an excursion and just urban walks. You can put the most necessary things and free your hands thanks to it.

Don’t Forget Your Selfie Stick or Tripod

Even solo travelers can take vivid and unforgettable pictures while traveling. And you don’t have to ask strangers to take your picture or put your smartphone in the wrong hands.

Here are 3 options on how to take cool commemorative photos:

  • Get a travel adjustable tripod with a bluetooth button. This device especially comes in handy for those who enjoy recording videos. Adjust the tripod in the right position, press the button and go ahead and record video.
  • Many people find it hard to catch the right angle for a photo, and doing it alone is even harder. In that case, just shoot the video, and then take screenshots of it to choose the right shot.
  • Put a selfie stick in your suitcase – it’s a handy and practical thing that won’t take up much space. The smartphone is attached to a special base and a wire connects to the device, you can take pictures with a selfie stick and beautiful landscapes.

Take Care of the Safety 

The most difficult question is how to leave things unattended on the beach and go swimming in the sea.

In this case, you can find a lot of useful devices on marketplaces, which certainly will not become superfluous in your suitcase. For example:

  • Special protective pouches and bags that close tightly, attach to the swimsuit and do not let water in. Money and phone will definitely fit in there.
  • To store larger equipment, such as a camera, get a dense safe-bag and attach it to any support with a strong rope with a lock. Of course, you can bite the iron rope if you want, but the thieves are likely to prefer easier prey.
  • A little more expensive is to buy an alarm system. A special keychain is attached to the lock of the bag, and if someone tries to open the zipper, there will be a deafening alarm. This is sure to scare away thieves who don’t need the extra attention of others.

Check in at Special Checkpoints if You Go to the Mountains

Choose the best known and most proven hiking routes into the mountains in other countries. Most of the time there are ranger posts or small checkpoints along the way. In some countries, you have to check in, in others it is at the discretion of the tourist. But first, it’s necessary for your safety. If an emergency happens or if a tourist does not show up at the next checkpoint by the appointed time, a search team will be sent for him.

Get a Travel Insurance

Study the reviews of tourists about the country where you are going to go – what kind of troubles you may encounter there. Sunburns, poisonings by local water and unfamiliar food, bites of poisonous insects or the abundance of sea urchins on the shore, which can hurt your feet.

Study exactly what insured events are included in the policy and add additional options if necessary. For example, if you are planning a trip to the mountains, rafting on stormy rivers, surfboarding or scuba diving, be sure to include the “Sports and outdoor activities” clause in the insurance.

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