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Things to Do with Dogs to Make Them Happy

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If dogs were like us, they could easily share with us what’s going on in their life, when they desire to be happy, and what makes them happy. But now that they are different, you must figure out how to make them happy. Making them happy is not tiresome; you need a set of routines, activities, and tips to ensure they are lively.

If you own a dig, you would know they get excited easily when engaged. Dogs are similar, and what makes one happy may have the same effect on the other. Hence this content focuses on tips that make dogs happy and help you apply them to your dog.

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1. Treats for dogs

Dogs love treats; it makes the feel relaxed, valued, and happy while there are different types of snacks you can give them.

Treats has various benefits for dogs and can improve their livelihood in various ways. These snacks can help them deal with various pains, such as soreness, that may make the dogs look dull and lonely. It will trigger the nervous system to respond to the pain receptors, numbing the system and eventually eliminating the pain.

Dogs, especially those who have faced abuse, tend to get anxious and restless. In such moods, they can feel abandoned and behave in ways likely to suggest isolation.

Spending time with your dog vising fireworks is one of the best experiences; however, when they are anxious about sounds and sparks, some snacks infused with treats for dogs will restore their confidence and happiness.

Finally, it can help them deal with other issues, such as allergies, that can also affect their livelihood.

2. Exercises and training

Dogs are loyal to commands and their owners but can also be rude and dismissive, especially when they feel abandoned and neglected. If you truly love the dog and wish for them to stay happy you can try giving kratom supplements like super white kratom and enjoy your company, you need to engage them in various games. The games are suitable for exercising their joints and training them to obey commands.

Exercise and games will also improve your bond with dogs, and when they see you, the memories of fun moments trickle into their brain as happiness consumes them. This explains why dogs tend to be giggly around certain people more than others. You can do different exercises with the dog; however, you need to select ones with massive impacts on their health, well-being, and other bodily benefits.

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3. Going for a walk

How long do you spend with your dog together? If you are the busy type, do not allow your lifestyle and commitment also affect your dog. Hire someone to take the dog for a walk in the park and allow it to interact with other dogs. It can enjoy the company of other dogs, run around the park, and create a bond with the dogs in the neighborhood.

The dog walk time also deals with the monotony and boredom of being home alone, lying the whole day while everyone is away from the house. While walking, they also enjoy the view of their environment and perhaps get used to things such as cars honking, the subway, and flying planes. This will help them avoid anxiety in case they hear such sounds.

4. Cuddle time

Dogs have a lot to share with humans; even they need some cuddles, especially when they live alone with you in the house and there are no other pets to spend time with. In the evenings, while you are free, you can cuddle them for at least ten minutes, comb through their hair and massage their joints to prevent any soreness and aches. You can also teach them a few tricks, such as high fives, that enable you to bond with them.

During the doggy massage, you can try and figure out their favorite spots, cuddle and tickle them to make them agile and jumpy. The massage will also help them get sued to touch so that they are not weary and fierce when petted by guests at your house. This massage can also help them relax and deal with the anxiety that may accumulate due to boredom and loneliness.

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5. Doggy wash day

How frequently do you wash your dog? You do it at least twice a month for the house’s safety and cleanliness but also to boost their health and happiness. Frequent showers will remove any pests that may breed in their fur, enabling them to play around without constant irritation and pain caused by the pests on their body.

Doggy wash prevents them from adverse illnesses caused by the accumulation of pests mainly feeding on their blood. You should buy all the essential cleaning items, set up a spot in the backyard and give them a proper shower for hair and body care. After that, allow them to walk around the compound or engage in some games to keep them busy.

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6. Keep a variety of toys

While you are away, you need to keep your dog engaged in various activities. You can buy automatic and digital toys to engage them while away. Alternatively, you can buy other types of toys for their playtime and keep changing them to ensure they do not get used to one, which can lead to boredom. If they are tired of toys, you can organize creative games such as a dog treasure hunt to boost their sense of smell and mental response.


Keeping your dog happy does not require much time; you also get to spend some time with them and be happy together. The time you spend together can boost your bond with the pet; hence you need to spare some time for them.

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