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How to Maintain Your Yard in Top Condition in Summer


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Summer is definitely not your lawn’s favorite time of the year. If it’s not a drought-resistant plant, then you would have to step in to act as a rainmaker for as long as summer lasts. This is the only way to ensure they survive and thrive during this season.

Queen Creek, Arizona, is not particularly popular for having the most waterlogged areas. It gets worse in the summer. However, Queen Creek landscaping services can help you give your lawn a healthy life while you go ahead and have a summer blast.

If you care about your plants and want to see them thrive, then you can embrace the following practices:

Water, water, water

Arizona is known for drought, meaning that the soil will lose most of its moisture content during the summer. Your darling lawn needs you the most at this point. You should set up an irrigation system that mimics the frequency of rainfall.

It’s best to water in the mornings, specifically between 6 and 10 a.m. This way, the soil can absorb enough moisture before the sun comes out to evaporate what’s left.

Never cut your grass short

It’s not a wise idea to trim your grass very low at this point. You would be exposing the roots of your plants to the harsh Arizonian sun. Also, water would have a harder time settling into the soil. Longer roots can retain more moisture in the soil than shorter roots, so you must keep the grass longer.

Replenish the nutrients frequently

It’s not just water that your plant needs to survive. Feed it with adequate nutrients so it can have the stamina to withstand the burning soil.

Maintain a healthy balance between irrigation and fertilization. Do not give more of one than the other; otherwise, the plants will appear malnourished.

Use herbicide to keep pests away so your plants can make judicious use of the nutrients they are fed with.

Reseed if necessary

If the harsh rays of the Arizonian sun have left dried-up patches in your lawn, reseed them with drought-resistant plants. If left unattended, the patches will create a drilling hole for the sun to evaporate all moisture content. This would affect the other plants that are still standing tall.

No walking on the lawn

Now more than ever, you must enforce your “no walking on the lawn’ rule. If you have pets or children that love to run and drive toys over the lawn, put a leash on them.

Excessive traffic on the lawn during the summer can cause wear, strain, and tear. If this has already happened, you should give the affected area time and space to heal. You can also try reseeding.

Don’t give the weed a chance

You cannot allow unwanted plants to inhabit the lawn. Their presence would cause a ruckus for your plants, as they would have to share the insufficient nutrients and moisture content in the soil. When the plants are forced to share, they will begin to exhibit signs of discomfort, which will be evident in their external appearance. Kill the weed and help the plants flourish.

Try out a drought resistant variety

If you’re in Arizona, drought-resistant plants are what you need. Choose plant varieties that are capable of withstanding whatever the harsh Arizonian sun throws at them. With these plants, you only need minimal effort to achieve a healthy-looking lawn.

Final Thoughts

Your lawn doesn’t have to wither and fade just because it’s summer. You can take on the task of maintaining it yourself or call in professional landscapers to revive and revamp it on your behalf.

Whatever you choose, just ensure your lawn gets adequate care—it deserves it.


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