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Programming languages are many, however, choosing the right one can be quite a tricky task. Well, the following post doesn’t cover every type of programming language available across the globe since we have limited time here but it definitely focuses on two main competitors, i.e. PHP vs Java. PHP and Java are one of the most popular, and promising and are supposed to have maintained a top spot for a very long time. Not to mention these programming languages have become the prime choice for several renowned brands such as Facebook, Slack, Trivago, Upwork, WordPress, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, Uber and the list goes on. 

Now when you pick the right technology for conducting your web development project what happens is 

  1. You can develop a strong online presence for your business
  2. Overall revenue is increased
  3. An insane amount of customer loyalty can be built
  4. Lastly, the brand can be established successfully and that too in the long run.    

So which one to pick? PHP or Java, well we will be discussing about the same in the following post below. Time to get thoroughly acquainted with each of them one by one. 

Introducing PHP

If you are seeking around for a common open-source scripting language then you shouldn’t look any further than PHP. It may quite interest you to know that PHP originally was known as a personal homepage, and now it’s called Hypertext Preprocessor. Basically, a server-side scripting language that is embedded in HTML in one of the simplest forms. Also, PHP is well-known for its great simplicity, speed, high-end compatibility, scalability, affordable, well-supported, ease to maintenance, flexibility and a lot more.  

Now you all must be well aware of the fact that PHP excels when it comes to web development but what you may not know is it is highly recommended for building dynamic server-side applications. And of course, it is a general-purpose language featuring a vivid range of frameworks and libraries such as Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon, Zend, and Yii. 

Further, I would like to mention the advantages of considering PHP

Benefits of using PHP

#1 Open Source

One of the basic yet crucial advantages of using PHP is that it is open-source by nature. In other words, businesses don’t have to spend additional amounts for using such frameworks or running codes or debugging tools. Also, from the developer’s point of view, they get to customise or personalise the framework as much as they like. Here all it takes is one to download the tech and create web applications any time they feel like. 

#2 Easily adaptable

The next benefit of considering PHP over any other programming language is that it turns out to be highly flexible and widely adaptable with a wide range of platforms and technologies. It may quite interest you to know PHP and MYSQL can work seamlessly together. In addition, it can be run successfully on a wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC os and a lot more. 

#3 Easy to use

When compared with other programming languages, PHP turns out to be pretty easy to use or should I say get started with it. Now some of you might now agree with me as the syntax seems to be rigid. But trust me, that’s certainly not the case. Also, here PHP developers can access multiple ranges of php tools and resources just to ensure that the code is seamlessly optimised for immense speed and efficiency. 

#4 Highly Scalable

Another interesting and intimidating feature or benefit offered by PHP technology is that it is highly scalable. No wonder renowned brands such as Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, and Yahoo are loyal advocates of the technology. Apart from being highly scalable, PHP applications tend to load fast and work wonders for both small-scale and large-scale projects.  

#5 Community Support

Another benefit of PHP is that it offers high-end community support. Here you will find a large and active range of people from beginners to mid-level experienced and veterans who are ready to provide assistance whenever someone is in need. So in case, if your PHP developer gets stuck in a problem, he will surely be able to receive instant assistance from the community. Also, you get instant updates and have a better perspective of the development realm with such a huge community at bay. 

All the aforementioned pointers of PHP cannot and should not be ignored at any rate because no matter how well-experienced and skilled a web developer or web development company you choose, you need a technology that can work wonders for you in no time and offer you a great competitive edge.

Now enough said about PHP, time to focus on the next contender, i.e. Java. 

Introducing Java

The astounding technology was introduced in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It has been 25 years and Java has maintained its success and top spot, all thanks to its simple logic – Write once and run anywhere. No wonder web application developers from all across the globe are going gaga over this particular tech stack. 

Now what exactly is Java? Well, it is also a general-purpose programming language but features cross-platform development, high-level programming and whatnot. The fast, secure, and reliable programming language is maintained by Oracle. Still wondering why developers tend to choose Java over Python, Ruby, Swift C? Well, for that you need to get acquainted with its working and benefits. 

First and foremost, you need to download the Java Development kit. Once the code is written, the compiler transforms the program into Java bytecode. By doing so, it is possible for Java virtual machines to understand it. Here you will find a Java Runtime Environment where programs can successfully run anywhere. Here coding powerful and flexible programs is quite possible. So whether it’s a small development project or a large one, Java successfully offers assistance and ensures successful outcomes. 

Further, without any delay, I would like to get you acquainted with the benefits offered by Java as a programming language. 

Benefits of Using Java

#1 Object-Oriented Programming Language

One of the obvious benefits of using Java over any other programming language is that it is an object-oriented programming language. By using Java, web developers can successfully enhance the overall flexibility and reliability of all the code developed. Here all the concepts used are framed under the object-oriented languages. In other words, they can be seamlessly reused and ensure to make things as convenient as possible.

Also, Java technology tends to bind data and function into a single unit and what this leads to? Well, the overall security of your application automatically gets improved. 

#2 Security

Another benefit offered by Java of course has to be high-end security. In today’s times choosing a technology that offers an insane amount of security is extremely important. You see here Java doesn’t use explicit pointers. And with Java, the overall amount of security threats is automatically reduced. Also, here you will find a security manager for each application separately. Some core aspects of Java include:

  • Namespace isolation for externally loaded code.
  • Compile-time checking of source code.
  • Removal of the use of pointers and pointer arithmetic.
  • Execution takes place within a restricted sandbox.
  • Dynamic runtime checking of bytecode.

#3 Robustness

Another intimidating benefit offered by Java is high-end scalability and robustness. Did you know that Java uses strong memory management? In addition, it runs successfully on any machine irrespective of the operating system. So in other words, it can be called platform-independent. Furthermore, Java-based applications are pretty cost-effective. As they can be developed without much upfront payment as well as less maintenance costs. 

#4 High-level programming language

Of course, it has to be a high-level programming language. I mean that’s the reason why Java is mentioned in the following post. Despite that, the syntax of Java is pretty simple and easy to get started with especially, for humans. 

#5 Stability

Last but certainly not least, Java is way more stable than other competitive programming languages out there. It can be released quickly and with more advanced features and functionalities. No wonder most of the enterprise applications are developed using Java. So if you want to develop a GUI application or a mobile app, enterprise applications, cloud-based applications, software tools, or 2D or 3D games, use Java. 

Java is a modest yet powerful programming language found across the globe. Now it’s time to make a choice. Which one is better?

PHP vs Java

When one compares PHP and Java, it seems like the clash of titans. And to gain the top spot in today’s modern competitive world, all you can do is choose the best. 

PerformanceLess than JavaHigher than PHP
StabilityQuite stable throughout the projectStability can be achieved once the project is rolled out
PopularityLess popular than JavaMore popular than PHP
CostCost-effectiveA bit costly
SecuredLess secured More Secured

If you are willing to create a vivid range of software tools such as IDE, NetBeans, IntelliJ Idea then choose Java over PHP. Apart from this, Java can be highly taken into consideration for developing Android and enterprise-level applications for different industries. Whereas PHP is highly preferred to develop eCommerce applications such as Ubercart, ZenCart, and Opencart and websites such as MailChimp, iStock Photo, Flickr, Yahoo, etc.

Final Verdict

So you tell me which one is better? PHP or Java. Well, there is no cookie-cutter answer here. You see, both programming languages seem to have a bright and rosy future. It all depends on your particular needs and requirements. So make sure you have a clear idea of what needs to be done in regard to the coding, documentation, performance, security, ease to use and other factors in prior. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the following post. Keep watching the space for more information and updates.  

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