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The Immediate Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident in Fort Lauderdale

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Nowadays, most people use bicycles for exercise and transportation. There is an increased risk of bicycle accidents. South Florida is considered one of the most harmful places for bicyclists. Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city that is dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians.

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three-fourths of tragic bicycle accidents occur in urban areas. Negligence is the major cause of bicycle accidents. Here are the major reasons for bike accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Careless driving
  • Failure on the part of the driver to give space to the bicyclist
  • Stop/red light sign running

Being an injured cyclist can have long-lasting impacts on your overall health. The bicycle accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale can help you get a fair settlement. It is necessary to understand what to do if you are injured in a bicycle accident in Fort Lauderdale.

The Important Things to Keep in Mind If You’re Involved in a Bicycle Accident

Carry Emergency Information

It is important to carry emergency information with you when riding your bicycle. It includes your personal ID, smartphone, writing accessories, and emergency contact details. Suppose you are involved in a bicycle accident, emergency information is necessary. If you are found unconscious, your ID card, emergency contact information, and ID will help the medical personnel and witnesses reach your family quickly and identify your medical background before they give you treatment.

Make a Call to 911

After a bicycle accident, you have to contact the police and an ambulance immediately. If you cannot make the call, you must request that someone near you make a call to 911 to inform the police. It is necessary to see a medical professional, even if you are not seriously injured in a bicycle accident. Having medical documentation of your injuries will help you prove your injuries in court.

Wait for the Arrival of the Police 

It is important that you wait for the police to arrive after a bicycle accident. They will file a police report that holds all information about the accident. After the accident, a few cyclists don’t realize they have been injured for days or hours. Sometimes, minor symptoms lead to life-threatening health issues later.

If you leave the scene of the accident without reporting, you may never be able to find the liable party responsible for the accident. The police documentation of the bicycle accident is important and will provide important evidence that will be used in the bicycle accident case.

Get Medical Attention

After a bicycle crash, it is crucial to get immediate medical attention and also document your injuries. Even if your injuries are minor, you must consult a medical professional immediately. It is also necessary to get a written evaluation. The doctor will check to see whether you may have any potential injuries. Moreover, it is essential to take photos of your injuries and also record symptoms. It is important to follow all the treatment recommendations.

Exchange Information and Witness Testimony

After a bicycle accident, it is essential to ask for important information, such as your name, insurance information, and email address, to the party that caused the accident. To support your case, you need witness testimony. It is necessary to get the contact details of the witness. When possible, take photos of the bicycle crash and collect the witnesses’ names and other details.

Ensure the Police Take Your Report

You should discuss the full details of your accident with the police. It is important to report any injury, no matter how minor it may be. You can easily get the bicycle crash report from the police. If you leave the accident site in an ambulance, you can get a copy of the report later.

Maintain Records

Maintaining the proper records of police and injury reports is crucial. Moreover, you must also maintain a record of expenses related to the accident, such as bike repairs, medical bills, or lost income. If you file a claim for your injuries, these records will help you complete the process.


Keep in mind that a bicycle accident is something challenging that you cannot handle on your own. It is one of the major reasons you need a personal injury attorney to move your case forward.

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