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Troubleshooting Canon Printer Issues Facing with Your Canon Printer

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Canon is a famous Japanese brand and is best known for manufacturing DSLRs and various types of cameras. This company manufactures a wide range of imaging devices including printers. New Canon printers are reliable and easy to configure with any system. Now you can connect the printer to PCs, Mac devices, and even phone devices. These printers are robust but you may get some errors while using them.

Common issues with Canon printer

  1. The Canon printer is not connecting
  2. The printer is not responding
  3. Faded printouts
  4. Canon printer is showing offline status
  5. The printer is working very slowly
  6. No cartridge error

Resolving common Canon printer errors

Try reconnecting the printer

Connection errors in Canon printers are very common. You may often get this error while connecting the printer wirelessly. For a wired printer connection, you should check for the cable. Eject the cable from the printer and check for any damage. If the cable is damaged, replace it. Go to the PC and use another USB port for connecting the printer. In a wireless connection, go to the printer and disable Wi-Fi. Now restart it and the Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking. On PC, in the Printers & Devices folder. Click on Add a Device and select your Canon printer from the list. Hit the Connect button and now you can take the printouts.

Undo the recent changes

If your printer is not responding then check the settings. People often get this error when they have made some invalid changes. Go to the printer and check for all the edits you made on your settings. Undo those changes and then check for printer errors. If you can’t undo the changes manually then perform a factory reset Canon printer. Open Canon printer settings and hit on Menu. Navigate to the Reset option and select Factory Reset. Tap on the Confirm button and wait. After resetting, reconfigure the Canon printer to a PC and now check the errors. 

Check the cartridges 

If the Canon printer is giving you faded printouts then check the cartridges. This problem appears when the ink is low. Check the cartridges and replace the empty ones. You can also get faded printouts when you are using third-party cartridges. These cartridges not only provide faded printouts but can also damage the slots. You should always use the original cartridges on your device. If you can’t purchase the original cartridge then refill the old ones. Get good quality ink and refill your cartridges.

Sometimes, print quality reduces when the printhead is clogged. Go to the printer and check the printhead. If it is clogged then clean it. After cleaning the printhead, you will get better printouts.

Check the printer driver

Whenever your Canon printer shows offline status, you should immediately check for the driver. This error can appear when the Canon printer can’t find the driver. You need this driver on the connected PC. When you send a print command from the PC, this driver transfers it to the printer. If the printer can’t read your driver, it will show offline status. Open the Drivers folder and click on your Canon printer driver. If the driver is outdated; run the new update. After updating, your printer will easily find the driver. In case, you don’t have the correct driver then install it from the Canon printer website. Check your printer driver model and then install the correct driver to take printouts. 

Check your printer cable

If your Canon printer is working very slowly then you should check the cable. This error can occur when the user has connected the printer using a low-speed cable. Replace the cable and then check for the speed. Printing speed reduces when you switch from cable connection to wireless. Place the Canon printer near the PC/network for better speed. You will also see speed issues if your printer is old. To improve speed, you can switch the printing mode to Normal or Low. This mode will print at a better speed but the printing quality will be low.

Reinstall the cartridges 

If your Canon printer is showing no cartridge error then eject all the installed cartridges. You can get this error when the cartridges are not installed correctly. Eject the cartridges and check for pins and contacts. Sometimes the user forgets to remove the protective clips. These clips are used to prevent mishandling. But you have to remove these pins before installing the cartridge. Check all cartridges, clean the slots, and reinstall them carefully. Once the printer finds the cartridges, it will start working.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Whenever you get any Canon printer error code, run a troubleshooter. Error mainly appears when some printer files are not working. Repairing those files manually is difficult. Instead, you can easily use a printer troubleshooter on a Windows device. Run the utility tool and it will repair the corrupted printer files automatically. 

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