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Pizza, The Round Dish Loved Round The World!

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From its humble beginnings in old Italy to becoming the world’s most sought-after comfort food, pizza reigns supreme as almost everybody’s favourite meal, bar none! The round shapes make it easy to divide and share with friends and family, the dough providing a scrumptious stage upon which a vast array of sauces, cheeses, and toppings can be deployed to anyone’s individual preferences and pleasure! Pizza has often been described as the perfect repast because it combines all the food groups; grains, vegetables, dairy, and proteins together on one mouthwatering platter.

One of the best ways to enjoy this delight of a dish is to order it at an Italian restaurant in Dural. Their excellent menu features no less than twenty-three kinds of pizza, from the simple grace of the original Italian style Margherita to new, internationally inspired flavours like the vivacious Mexicana. There’s something for everyone available, so get ready to tuck in for some serious pizza devouring!

From kids to college students to old friends and family, pizza is beloved by all at any gathering and is considered to be one of the most satisfying meals in the world. Now that we have established the importance of pizza in our lives, how did it all begin?

The favourite food of ancient times happened to be flatbreads, they are present in nearly every cultural cuisine worldwide. Tortillas, pita, roti, naan, lavash, chapati- the list is long and spans the globe. From these humble (and flat) beginnings, the gastronomic singularity of pizza emerged in 18th-century Naples in Italy. Street vendors pioneered the recipe by selling flatbreads topped with herbs, cheese, garlic, salt, and whatever else they happened to have on hand. It was considered a common dish for the common man until 1889 when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples and wished to sample some local cuisine. The queen was instantly smitten by a pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes, which also happened to represent the three colours of the Italian flag. She gave it the royal seal, as well as her name, and so modern pizza, was born!

Despite these auspicious beginnings, pizza didn’t achieve its current culinary supremacy until the 20th century when World War II American troops stationed in Italy became enamoured with the dish and brought it home with them to places like New York and Chicago, where the art of the pizza evolved into the fantastic taste extravaganza we enjoy today. American pizza innovation then spread back to Europe, becoming popular in the 1950s UK, and from there travelled around the world to the delight of hungry people everywhere.

Now one can experience the joy of pizza whilst dining out, ordering in, or even making your own. Who knows, maybe you will invent the next breakout pizza style!

Although it didn’t make the authentic Australian cuisine list, we know pizza is everybody’s favourite anyway, but don’t say anything, let them think it’s Lamington, we won’t tell! Now pass a slice over here, please!

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