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Russia Declared The Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozhin Death By Genetic Testing | Latest News

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Prigozhine died in the plane crashing. 9 other passengers also died in this incident identified by Russians authorities. Prigozhin Death Declared by Russia Federal Investigation Committee Said on Sunday. Also Russia Federal Air Transport reported that 3 crew members and 9 Individuals on board. Prigozhin death confirm by Genetic DNA testing on the body of Prigozhin (Victim) and same match found in the plane file log. So, Total 10 Bodies Found in the place crash wrackage including Prigozhin.

Prigozhin is the Wagner top leader of group. US Intelligence study the Possibility of an Plane explosion brought down plane. Vladmir Putin said Prigozhin is Talented man who never give up in entire career who achieved a lots of results during the war of Russia and Ukraine but he made a mistake.

Other Russian Politician Said That “He Was tough fighter of Russia”, Prigozhin is the Ruthless and Successful assault force in Ukraine War. Kremlin ordered the Progozhin Death Assassination. Kremlin Spoke-Person Dmitry Peskov on Friday dismissed the involvement of Kremlin in the Pregozhin Plane Crash. Putin is the strongly supported to the Prigozhin for fighting against Ukraine Which made him as a ‘Hero’.

Prigozhine Death Match is Find in the Plane Flight Log file. Russia Also Investigate and Found a Activity of Ukrainian Drone on the Border Region. Peskove Said Prigozhin Security had been Guaranteed said Putin.

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