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Israel Uses White Phosphorous Bomb

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Ongoing war between Israel and Palestine is intensifying day by day. But Israel launches a deadly and harmful bomb that’s known as White Phosphorous Bomb (WPB). Isarel used Palestine most populated and well developed area’s i.e. damage and affected large areas.

The use of bomb which takes instant stomach and does not extinguish with water has put many lives in danger.’’ In addition to its offsive capabilities, white phosphorous is a highly efficient smoke producing agent, reacting air to produce an immediate blanket of phosphorous pentoxide vapour.

This create smoke screens to mask friendly forces movement, position, infrared signatures, and shooting positions. White phosphorous munitions are not banned under international law, but because of their incendiary effects, their use is supposed to be tightly regulated.

The military can use the curtain to mask troop movements. However, the chemical characteristics of the substance make phosphorous bombs especially dangerous; the burning temperature of phosphorous is 800-2500◦c. Despite the danger, for 2022 the chemicals wapons convections did not classify phosphorous bombs as such. It is difficult for military doctors, who are usually limited by medical resources, to provide timely and full assistance to the victims. Even burns survivors can die from organ failure due to the toxicity of white phosphorous.

Non governmental international oraganations have recorded their use during military conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, te Gaza Strip, and other war zones.


While in general white phosphorous is an industrial chemical not subject to restrictions, certain uses in weaponry are banned or restricted by general international laws: in particular, those related to incendiary devices.


*A White Phosphorous Bomb is made by combining 

*It catches fire immediately after use.

*Absorb ambient oxygen rapidly.

*No matter how much water is used, it does not go out until the phosphorous is exhausted.


*If ignited it can emit heat up to about 1300◦C

*Exposure to it causes difficulty in breathing, skin burns, multiple organ failure.

*Not onlt this, the bones also burn.


*The first use of the White Phosphorous Bomb was by the US against Germany.

*After that, Iraq accused the US of using it. 115 COUNTRIES BANNED IT

*According to the Geneva Convection of 1980, the use of white phosphorous has been banned.

*It can not be used without a valid reason.

*115 countries have signed the agreement for minimum consumption.

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