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Israel Under Siege: Unprecedented Hamas Attack Shakes Nation

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This prompted Israel to retaliate with intence airstrikes, because on Saturday Oct.7 , hundreds of Israelis were killed in a surprise attack by Hamas fighters on Israel . The israel defence forces (IDF) took photo’s by satellite of the damage to Israel. The level to which Hamas will go to wage war can be seen from space (Satellite).

Before the attack means 7oct, and after the attack scene are shown by satellite. Israeli prime minister ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’ has vowed to destroy all historic buildings ( Fort’s) in Gaza , signaling the possibility of further escalation of the war. We are now on the field and we are determined to win this war. The sound of the attack in all of israel broke the silence and the iron dome system was activated again in action. One report said , smoke billowed into residential Israeli areas and loud sirens caused people to hide behind buildings . Social media shows Hamas fighters firing on residents and passers-by in Israeli border towns . Israel says it is retaliating against Hamas.

Israel has outrun Hamas in self-defense, but it cannot be denied that Hamas has waged war across the border.2 gunmen on each vehicle were shooting at civilians and they also went into Israel on 5 motorcycles towards the East Side . They stopped far away in the forest and in front of an unmanned gate and the distance was about 10 kilometers . Even after doing this, the militants opened the barrier through bombs . All this scene was recorded in a camera mounted on the head of a gunman. And a report cites the same camera footage and presents the same information.

Israel Satellite Footage Reveals Shocking Scenes

After the men confirmed from the map, the door to a fortified building opened. They enter to find a room full of computers – a military intelligence center. They saw two soldiers taking shelter under a bed and shot them dead. This was the beginning. The attack was carefully planned by the Palestinian militants. With details of Israel’s secrets and weaknesses, Hamas and its allies have shaken the Jewish state to its core. According to a report, the Israeli military suffered several blind spots as it reportedly used drones to destroy key surveillance and communication towers along the Gaza border. An initial 200 attackers entered, followed by another 1,800, as the men blew open gaps in the border barricades.

People fired on more than 15 villages and civilians, and also attacked 8 army bases, and these people came on motorcycles and trucks. Hamas Documents Shocking Revelations. The Israeli army was initially paralyzed because the attack was sudden, while Hamas continued to attack several areas across the Israeli border. Hamas gunmen – from its highly trained Nukhba Brigade – were seen firing through the barricades of several bases in the first light of dawn. And all this was captured in the footage of the attackers‘ head-mounted cameras “Take soldiers and civilians as prisoners and hostages, negotiate with them,” said one document, which had specific instructions for some units to capture Israelis to use as bargaining chips.

In the aftermath of the audacious Hamas assault on October 7th, Israel finds itself grappling with the devastating consequences of the surprise attack. The nation mourns the loss of hundreds of its citizens, an event that has left the entire country in a state of shock and mourning. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), in a swift response, launched intense airstrikes against Hamas strongholds, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

As the conflict escalated, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a solemn vow to obliterate all historic buildings, including forts, in Gaza. This declaration underscores the escalating tensions in the region, signaling the potential for further escalation. The resonance of the attack reverberated across Israel, shattering the silence as residents sought shelter from the onslaught. The Iron Dome, a crucial component of Israel’s defense system, was activated once more, showcasing the nation’s determination to protect its citizens.

The audacity of the assault became apparent as reports emerged of Hamas fighters infiltrating Israeli border towns. Social media platforms were flooded with harrowing images of civilians and passersby under fire. The attackers, numbering in the hundreds, utilized various modes of transportation, including motorcycles and trucks, to penetrate deep into Israeli territory. These militants demonstrated a chilling level of strategic planning, exploiting gaps in border barricades and targeting multiple villages and army bases.

In a shocking revelation, Hamas documents shed light on the meticulous planning behind the assault. The documents, recovered from the militants, contained explicit instructions to capture both soldiers and civilians as hostages, using them as bargaining chips in negotiations. This revelation adds a sinister dimension to the conflict, highlighting the calculated approach employed by Hamas and its allies.

As Israel grapples with the aftermath of this unprecedented attack, the nation stands resilient, united in the face of adversity. The international community watches with bated breath, acutely aware of the fragile peace in the region hanging in the balance. The conflict’s outcome remains uncertain, leaving the world on edge as developments continue to unfold.

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