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Tied Up, Burnt Alive: Israel’s Forensic Teams Study Bodies After Hamas Attack

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At one location, the Forensic Center in Tel Aviv, there are many such corpses and they are tied in black bags with a specific number on each bag.

And the terrible thing is that the people who died in the attack by Hamas and those bodies are kept in the National Center of Forensic Medicine in Israel and because of this there is a very bad smell and the efforts to identify the remains of thousands of people who were killed in the attack are still going on.

Those who are there for the examination say that some of the bodies are so decomposed that even their identification has become difficult.

And the biggest thing is that the doctor started examining the dead bodies using different methods like DNA test,

fingerprints, and dental records to identify the dead bodies.

There were even incidents where some people were saying you show us dog bone so we decided to show this horror movie.

Hamas has celebrated the attack by denying atrocities and atrocities. More than 1,400 people died when Hamas launched its devastating attack on Israel, leaving the nation traumatized and enraged and plunging into a new war.

Large swathes of the Gaza Strip have been reduced to rubble as Israel launches a devastating bombing campaign that has killed at least 2,700 people.

In the forensic center, the bodies lie on stretchers and are also tied in black bags. Each body is numbered for quick identification, and some bodies are only half. That these bodies should be buried only in the ground.

Mr. Kugel, looking at pieces of bone and

flesh tied together by electric cables in what is burned and melted plastic, then on the scanner said, “We can clearly see two spinal columns. They are either male or female and child, and interestingly, both body positions show that large The person tried to rescue the child but was tied up and badly burned.

And while he was saying all this, the bodies that were still there were being unloaded from the truck and the other cars that were there were parked outside the park.Two or three bodies may be tied in one bag, the reason being that they were tortured a lot, tied together. Head of Genetic Identification Unit Nurit Boubalil says that 500 bodies have been identified out of hundreds of bodies brought to the center since October 7.

There are seven forensic doctors, one radiologist and eight geneticists, based somewhere in the institute and assisted by

around 30 volunteers.

“We don’t know how many babies died or how many old people,” some of the victims had their hands pierced by blades or projectiles, suggesting hand-to-hand combat.

In one place, there is an army base in Shura, near the city of Ramla, where refrigerators are lined up and each container holds 50 bodies.

The doctors, volunteers, and other helpers of the place are working 24 hours a day and the psychologists and other workers who are there are also coming for help and consultation.

We are witnessing a very, very horrific scene, Ms. Mayan said. Ms. Mayan said that one victim, a needy girl she knew who was a patient at the Tel Aviv clinic where she works, said that, in her mind, “we hear the screams of children who are losing their parents, Mourning, and hears weeping”.

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