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US Chip Export Ban in China: Nvidia’s A800 and H800 chips were ban

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Key Points:

  • U.S Ban NVDA Chip Export to China so, the ban will become more stronger in the July. In September, 2 top exporting chips of artificial intelligence stop exporting to China.
  • A800 and H100 This Chips are stop exporting to China due to the security purpose of United Nation.
  • It Create question, will it have no impact like the CFO Said?
  • NVDA may get a license to export but US add one more restriction into this.

Our Opinion On This:

It will create a impact on the global market and their economies, basically the biggest market capitalization of world is acquired by USA so, the decision will make impact on the global market.

On The basis on reports the 23% of business of NVDA is From China So, NVDI Tanking the rest of this week.

Some Reports also opposes the opinion:

Nothing happen in market because, NVDA Have more demands of chips and beyond of all this, AI startups spends lots of capex into the products and enterprises. this chip ban won’t affect in the short-mid-long term phase.

Chloe Wang, a partner and vice-president at the Guangzhou-headquartered Ya1ng Cheng Fund, said:

“We received the very great news this morning, and I didn’t feel surprised about the U.S. [which] continued to ban the H100 and 800 exports to China,”

“We believe those kind of upstream chipmakers — they will drive, or they will play the leading role in China, and they will create their own ecosystem,” Wang added. “And maybe we can, not too much rely on the Cuda system,”

“I still feel quite confident about the Chinese entrepreneurs as well as the consumer base market,”

Wang Said, There are 1500 Chinese companies involved to design the integrated circuits (IC’s).

China Want to Increase there computational Power In Market:

Aim to achieve the 50% Computational power till 2025. World Largest economy want to increase their computational power in 300 Exaflops.

What is Mean By Exaflops:

Exaflops refers to the unit of computational power.

1 Exaflop is Equal to 2 Million mainstream laptop computers.

Development of computational power will increase the process of huge amount of data. Semiconductor and AI become a tech rivalry between US and China.

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