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What Is The Procedure For Obtaining A Character Certificate?

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Discovering the process of obtaining a character certificate is essential for various life events, from job applications to visa requirements. In this concise guide, we will navigate through the steps and requirements involved in securing this crucial document.

What Is Obtaining A Character Certificate?

A character certificate is a formal document issued by a recognized authority that essentially vouches for your character and conduct. It affirms you are of moral repute and have had no criminal cases or convictions against you.

These certificates are typically issued by village panchayats, the police department, educational institutes and government departments. They contain details like name, age, address, identification details, purpose for issuance and stamp of the issuing authority.

Why Would You Need To Obtain A Character Certificate?

A character certificate is often required to validate that a person does not have any criminal background. It is needed for visa applications, new jobs, college admissions etc. To obtain a character certificate, one must submit an application along with ID proof, address proof and photos to the relevant local authorities like DM/SDM office or police station. You may need to fill a police verification form to initiate background checks.

The police will then conduct verification inquiries in your neighborhood and any past addresses to confirm you have clean record. Once the verification is done, the character certificate will be issued. Having a valid character certificate helps in establishing your credentials as a law-abiding citizen and clears background checks needed for jobs, travel visas, higher education and other purposes.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Character Certificate

The documents needed to apply for a character certificate are:

  • Filled application form with personal details
  • Copy of identity proof (Aadhaar, PAN Card, Passport etc)
  • Address proof (Voter ID, Ration Card, Electricity bill etc)
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Age proof (Birth Certificate, 10th mark sheet)
  • Police verification form signed by a gazetted officer
  • Affidavits sworn by two witnesses vouching for your character
  • Clearance certificate from previous institutions if applicable
  • Fee for application processing

Having a valid character certificate issued by the competent authority proves your clean background and moral character. This helps in applying for jobs, visas, higher education like MBBS, and availing government benefits like the EWS certificate.

How to Apply for a Character Certificate Online

Many state governments and authorities now allow applying for character certificates online through portals. Here is the step-by-step process:

Visit the official website of the state police, education department etc. offering the service.

Look for the ‘Character Certificate’ or ‘Verification Certificate’ section.

Read through the instructions carefully and keep required documents ready.

Fill the online application form giving personal, contact and employment details.

Upload scanned copies of documents needed including ID proofs.

Pay the specified application fees online via payment gateway.

Track status of application using the reference number.

If approved, the certificate will be dispatched by post to your address.

You can also download a soft copy available on the portal in many cases.

What Happens After Verification?

Once you submit the character certificate application through the prescribed channels, here is what happens next:

The application and documents are verified at the back-end by the department.

If needed, police verification may be initiated to check records and cross-verify details.

Field investigation is conducted if applying through an educational institution.

Any discrepancies or adverse records are scrutinized at this point.

Clarification may be sought from the applicant if any doubts arise.

After satisfactory verification, the character certificate is issued or the application is rejected citing reasons.

Intimation is sent to the applicant regarding application status via post or email.

Adverse findings can mean rejection of the application.

How to Apply Offline for a Character Certificate

If the offline process is permitted in your state, here are the steps to apply manually:

Obtain the character certificate application form from the nearest police station or authorized office.

Fill in all details like name, age, address, purpose etc. accurately.

Affix photographs in designated spaces and sign the form.

Attach self-attested photocopies of identity documents asked for along with originals.

Submit the completed application at the office along with specified fees.

Make a note of the reference number or slip given for tracking progress.

If field verification is required, cooperate with investigating officers.

Return on allotted date to collect the character certificate if approved.

By following the step-by-step application process correctly, you can obtain a genuine character certificate from authorized sources. This crucial document often makes a big difference when presented for overseas visas or prestigious opportunities. Therefore, take proactive steps to apply and acquire it well in advance when required.


Obtaining a character certificate is a critical step in various aspects of life, including employment, education, immigration, and more. Knowing the procedure, whether online or offline, and having the required documents ready can streamline the process and ensure you have this valuable document when needed. Always remember to provide accurate information and cooperate with the verification process to obtain a clean character certificate.

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