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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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The Retiree’s Dividend Portfolio: John’s February Update

Conclusion The Gain-Loss tables demonstrate how fast the market can swing especially when compared to the previous month's article which uses...

How To Play Nike On Changing Fashion Trends (NYSE:NKE)

Nike has seen its gross and net margins collapse from the onset of the Ukraine conflict. However, the numbers have retreated from 10-year...

Skip Big Tech And Buy Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)

Now, I understand Apple is very different from Bank of America, but either way, you are paying a 26x multiple of -3% EPS...

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Boosted By COPD Data (NASDAQ:REGN)

Regeneron Q4 2022 Results Regeneron Q4 2022 results were reported on February 3, 2023. Revenue was $3.41 billion, down 31% y/y...

Vanguard Financials ETF: A Gamble For Dip Buyers (NYSEARCA:VFH)

Quantitative analysis, which removes emotions from investment analysis and focuses on real data for analysis, is one of the best methods for price...

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