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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Editorial: The Officer Ella French reprimand must be seen in its full context. Her memory demands no less.

A police officer with an image of fellow Officer Ella French in his hat at the funeral service for French on Aug....

Scott Jauch: Big Tech should take the lead by normalizing a 4-day workweek

Almost 100 years after Ford’s innovation, the movement away from the five-day, 40-hour week should come from an influential company in...

Pat Garofalo: Companies such as Amazon should stop demanding NDAs

If that sounds corrupt and outrageous, well, it is. But it’s also extremely common: In Illinois and across the country, major...

Can a turtle draw your face?

Turtle is a system that’s used to show kids in simple, intuitive ways how programming works. It was originally part of...

Letters: Masking in schools is about public health. It has never been about exerting power.

It has been about doing our best for the school population as a whole. On the one hand, masking is an...

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