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How to read DELETED WhatsApp texts that were sent by you or other people 

One of WhatsApp's most popular features of the app is that it lets you delete messages at the touch of a finger.WhatsApp introduced the 'Delete...

Why DO dogs tilt their heads – and is it really a sign of confusion?

Why DO dogs tilt their heads - and is it really a...

The Japanese mountain that is a magnet for UFOs

A towering, conical mountain that compasses cannot understand. Sphinx-shaped megaliths arranged nearby in a pattern. Strange ancient ruins of a forgotten civilisation surrounded by...

Planning to change the clocks tonight? You’re obeying the nanny state, time expert claims 

When you stand on a chair to wind the clock one hour forward this weekend, you are obeying the 'nanny state', according to an...

In a Roman Tomb, ‘Dead Nails’ Reveal an Occult Practice

When it came to the treatment of diseases, the ancient Romans had no shortage of magical remedies, several of which involved iron nails. To...

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