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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Map reveals US cities with highest STD rates

The American cities with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been revealed.Memphis, Tennessee, comes out as America's STD capital where around...

The grim realities of removing lip filler/botox/BBLs, according to experts

Former reality star Angela White, known as Blac Chyna to her millions of fans, is undoing many of the cosmetic procedures she has received throughout...

Why DO dogs tilt their heads – and is it really a sign of confusion?

Why DO dogs tilt their heads - and is it really a...

Nathan Lane praises ‘saint’ Robin Williams for ‘swooping in’ and saving him during Oprah interview

Nathan Lane praised late actor Robin Williams for 'swooping in' and saving him during a 1996 Oprah interview when he wasn't ready to publicly...

One Nation MP Mark Lathan has slammed Climate 200 founder in a tense TV interview on election night

Tense moment Mark Latham gets into a heated exchange with Teal independent...

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