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Disney Says DeSantis, Allies Are ‘Weaponizing the Power of Government’

The entertainment company says it is being targeted over its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill. Source link

Opinion | Bill Barr’s Warning on Trump

The former Attorney General says his one-time boss lacks the ability to deliver on his policy priorities. Source link

Opinion | It’s Long Past Morning In Biden’s America

The president tries to mimic Reagan’s re-election campaign but produces something old and dark. Source link

Biden, Lawmakers Look to Break Impasse on Debt Ceiling

Janet Yellen has warned that the U.S. may run out of money to pay bills as early as June 1. Source link

In New World of Trade Diplomacy, Free Trade and Tariffs Take a Back Seat

As economic and political tides turn against sweeping trade deals, governments turn to narrower, less controversial pacts. Source link

Prominent Russian Nationalist Zakhar Prilepin Wounded in Car Explosion

Authorities in Moscow blame Ukraine as a third vocal war supporter is targeted since the Russian invasion. Source link

White House Warns of Risks as AI Use Takes Off

The Biden administration is confronting the rapidly expanding use of artificial intelligence, warning of the dangers the technology poses to public safety, privacy and...

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