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My 32G boobs were so droopy – I’m so glad I had reduction surgery

A woman who had back-breaking size 32G boobs, that reached down to her stomach, is unrecognisable after travelling to Turkey for a breast reduction.Phoebe...

Most bizarre diet trends beloved by celebrities as Chris Martin admits he only has one meal a day

From eating a spoonful of clay every morning and taking shots of apple-cider vinegar to consuming raw meat and fasting for 18 hours, celebrities...

Cancer survivor, 26, left permanently giving the finger after dismissed by doctors

A young cancer survivor has been left 'permanently giving the finger' after recovering from a rare spinal tumour. Lauren Wagner, 26, said doctors berated...

Homeowner rips up her floorboards after hearing and discovers a buried 1970s ‘conversation pit’

Ever wondered what's lurking underneath your floorboards?Well, Lara Killebrew Derderian, who is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a sneaking suspicion there was something awry...

A woman is left red faced when the gym equipment broke sending her into a painful splits position

Gymgoer is left red faced when her workout goes very wrong –...

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