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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Finance/Treasury Department

Chevron Gets U.S. License to Pump Oil in Venezuela Again

The license was granted after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s government and an opposition coalition agreed to implement a humanitarian program and continue talks on...

IRS Delays New Guidelines for Inherited IRAs

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday it would delay enforcement of...

Beer, Wine and Spirits Makers Face Push to Say What Is in Their Drinks

WASHINGTON—How many calories are in that glass of wine? Right now, the bottle of wine isn’t telling—but that could be changing.The Treasury Department, which...

Ukraine Takes Unorthodox Pitch to Wall Street to Raise Billions in Debt

Ukraine is using unconventional strategies in a bid to win over Wall Street.Government officials have negotiated international loans and aid worth more than $30 billion...

Inflation Keeps the U.S. From Stepping In to Slow Dollar’s Rapid Rise

WASHINGTON—U.S. policy makers aren’t likely to take action to slow the dollar’s rapid rise despite rising risks of global financial turmoil, analysts say, largely...

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