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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Financial Planning

It’s been a volatile year for the market: These are the key things to know before rebalancing your portfolio

After a volatile year for the stock and bond markets, it may be time to rebalance your portfolio by shifting assets back to match...

If you’re ‘unretiring,’ review your Social Security benefits. There’s a ‘surprise that people want to avoid’

Viktorcvetkovic | E+ | Getty ImagesA combination of high inflation and job openings may tempt some retirees into rejoining the workforce. But whether you're thinking...

Over 10 years, 43% of first marriages can fail. Here’s why couples might want a postnuptial agreement

Vitapix | E+ | Getty ImagesWhile couples might sign a prenuptial agreement before they're married and a "post-nup" after, it's more than just the...

How Congress may make it easier to set money aside for emergency expenses

Thomas Barwick | Digitalvision | Getty ImagesMany families struggle to come up with the cash when faced with an unexpected $400 expense. That lack of...

3 lesser-known ways to trim your 2022 tax bill or boost your refund before year-end

Charles Taylor | Getty Images1. If your income is higher in 2022, defer your bonus into 2023If you've had a strong year and expect...

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