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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Individual giving

Nearly 6 in 10 donors may give more to charity despite economic fears, study finds

With lingering high inflation, stock market volatility and recession fears, it's easy to see why some Americans might trim charitable giving. But some donors may...

Here’s a tax-smart charitable giving strategy using money from an IRA

Courtneyk | E+ | Getty ImagesOver the past few years, there's been no shortage of ways to give to charity. And there's a...

Tax breaks aren’t prime reason for high-net-worth philanthropy

Maria Teijeiro | OJO Images | Getty ImagesTax breaks aren't the primary incentive for philanthropy among the ultra-wealthy, according to BNY Mellon Wealth...

Here are some last-minute tips as the April 18 tax filing deadline nears

courtneyk | E+ | Getty ImagesIf you're scrambling to finish your taxes, it's easy to overlook the forms needed for a complete and...

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