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WSJ News Exclusive | Bill Gates, Leon Black, Thomas Pritzker: ​One​ Day in the Life of Jeffrey Epstein

On Monday, Sept. 8, 2014, Jeffrey Epstein had a full calendar. He was scheduled to meet that day with Bill Gates, Thomas Pritzker, Leon...

MGM Group Gets OK to Build Japan’s First Casino in $8 Billion Project

The group hopes to complete the $8 billion resort by 2029 on an artificial island in Osaka.  Source link

WSJ News Exclusive | Union Hotel Workers in New York Suburbs Score Biggest Pay Raise in 100 Years

WSJ News ExclusiveProperty ReportNew deal, which excludes New York City hotels, boosts some wages to $31 an hour Source link

Your Next Greece Getaway Could Be at a Hotel Owned by Goldman Sachs

Listen to article(2 minutes)Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s search for steady revenue has led it to an unlikely place: the epicenter of a financial crisis...

Junk-Rated Companies Are Borrowing Again

Bond yields have been rising again lately. That could create complications for low-rated companies that had just started to enjoy having easier access to...

American Express Airport Lounges Cut Back on Free Plus Ones

Life & WorkTravelCarry OnAirport lounges tighten up on access as high-status travelers complain about overcrowding Source link

Hotels, Booking Sites Say Americans Will Keep Traveling in 2023

Travel companies say leisure spending continues despite higher costs. Source link

Top Office Owners Don’t Want to Own Only Office Buildings Anymore

Real EstateProperty ReportApartment-building acquisitions spur quick returns, require ‘minimal capital expenditure’ Source link

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