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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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China denies pressuring companies like TikTok to spy for China

China on Friday denied pressuring companies to collect information abroad on behalf of the government, rebuffing claims American lawmakers made about the viral video...

TikTok’s future hangs in balance amid possible US ban & other top tech stories this week

Earlier this week TikTok said it has more than 150 million monthly users (nearly half the population) in the US, up from 100 million...

Influencers take stock of life and dreams if US bans TikTok

When Cassidy Jacobson was 13 years old, she posted a video of herself dancing on the popular app TikTok.Little did she know then that...

Kellyanne Conway on TikTok ban: ‘not a big ban things person’

Fox News contributor and former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway came out against calls to ban TikTok in the U.S., as...

Tiktok: ‘France bans TikTok from public employee work phones’ – Times of India

PARIS: France on Friday banned public-sector employees from downloading "recreational applications" on their work phones, the public services ministry said, with a ministerial source...

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