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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles from TikTok beauty trend

Young women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles after injecting...

Dr Karl reveals the alarming reason why you should always flush the toilet with the lid down

Scientist reveals the 'disgusting' reason why you should NEVER flush your...

Latest TikTok craze ‘Orbeez challenge’ sees teens shoot unsuspecting victims with GEL pellet guns

Authorities across the country are warning of injuries - and criminal charges - stemming from a new TikTok craze dubbed the 'Orbeez challenge.'As...

Let’s enforce age-gate rules to secure children on the internet

Peter Steiner’s famous cartoon in the New Yorker about online anonymity—that on the internet, nobody knows...

Family who claimed their a TikTok star daughter was abducted by a ‘cult’ are slammed as ‘PATHETIC’

An entertainment company accused of being a cult with ties to a pastor with apocalyptic beliefs and accused of keeping a family's TikTok...

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