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Disney Says DeSantis, Allies Are ‘Weaponizing the Power of Government’

The entertainment company says it is being targeted over its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill. Source link

ChatGPT Fever Has Investors Pouring Billions Into AI Startups, No Business Plan Required

It is boom times for startups touting generative artificial intelligence technology. Source link

VW Taps Bentley Executive to Fix Software Unit

The auto maker named Peter Bosch, a company insider, to head its struggling Cariad venture, part of a broader overhaul of how it develops...

America’s Factory Boom Drives Sales Surge for Excavators, Steel and Trucks

Construction of semiconductor and battery factories helps Caterpillar, Nucor and other manufacturers plow past economic uncertainty and rising interest rates. Source link

Norfolk Southern Annual Meeting a Test of Investor Response to East Palestine Crisis

The New York state comptroller says board members haven’t fully addressed safety concerns and legal risks. Source link

No Business Plan? No Problem. ChatGPT Spawns an Investor Gold Rush in AI

It is boom times for startups touting generative artificial intelligence technology. Source link

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Delivers $100 Million-Plus Debut for Disney’s Marvel

The third installment of director James Gunn’s trilogy tallied $114 million in domestic ticket sales this weekend, giving Marvel Studios a strong but tepid...

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