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Google Plans to Make Search More ‘Personal’ with AI Chat and Video Clips

Expect AI and video clips, not just ‘10 blue links.’ Source link

Google Plans to Make Search More ‘Personal’ with AI Chat and Video Clips

The changes aim to respond to big shifts in the way people access information on the internet, including the emergence of AI bots like...

Obesity Could Be Pharma’s Biggest Blockbuster Yet

Medications like Wegovy and Mounjaro are about to create one of the biggest drug categories of all time. The excitement is being driven by...

Your Child Picked a College! Tee Up Your 529 Plan

Making smart withdrawals from 529 college savings plans can be a lot harder than putting money into them. Source link

Warren Buffett’s Formula for Success: One Good Decision Every Five Years

Berkshire Hathaway has obliterated the market in his 58 years at the company. He credits roughly 12 decisions. Source link

Warren Buffett Has Been Betting Big on Oil. It’s Time to Find Out Why.

One of the most successful stock pickers of all time admitted years ago that he was “dead wrong” on an earlier oil-company investment. What’s...

The Latest AI Tech Wouldn’t Be Possible Without a Key Contributor: You

Artificial-intelligence companies are using content created by millions of people, without their consent or any compensation. Some tech and media companies are beginning to...

The Boss Wants to Make You More Efficient

The time-consuming and pointless tasks companies can eliminate to boost our productivity… and save money. Source link

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