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What is Blockchain Technology?

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Blockchain Technology has emerged as a revolutionary force in finance, business and various other sectors. Despite, it’s complex technical nature.

Basics of Blockchain

A Blockchain is a type of digital record of transactions. Where traditional databases like SQL databases, which are maintained by a single entity. It is decentralized and distributed across network of computers (also known as nodes). This decentralization is one of the key features that gives blockchain it’s unique properties.

How Blockchain Works?

  • Blocks & Chains

The information is stored in multiple blocks and each block is linked to its previous block which creates a chain of blocks. This chain of blocks is secured by using cryptographic principles. And, they are: –

1. Confidentiality

It helps to keep essential data secured. Where, it ensures that, the data is only to be accessed by authorized personality. Keeping it secured from passive attacks.

2. Integrity

Data integrity guarantees that, the essential data will only be manipulated or updated by authorized users and cannot be altered by any unauthorized personality. Keeping data secured from active attacks.

3. Authentication

It is a process, used for verifying the identity of user. The data can be accessed by authorized users only and this authorization can be implemented by using login forms like username and passwords to authorize and authenticate users.

  • Decentralization

Blockchain is decentralized and maintained by multiple nodes. Each node has a copy of entire Blockchain which eventually guarantees transparency and decreases the chances of data tampering.

  • Immutability

Once a block is added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or manipulated. This immutability of Blockchain ensures the integrity and reliability of data recorded on the blockchain.

Key Features of Blockchain

  • Security: – Blockchain uses cryptographic algorithms like symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms to secure data. By executing the encryption and decryption process on essential information so, it can only be accessed by authorized users.
  • Transparency: – The transparency enhances trust among end-users. Because, all transactions on a public blockchain are visible to anyone with access to the network.
  • Decentralization: – By distributing the records of transactions across multiple nodes, Blockchain eliminates the need for a central authority. Which reduces the risk of corruption or single points of failure. Blockchain ultimately reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Applications of Blockchain

  • Finance: – Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrencies like, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It ensures secure and transparent transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks.
  • Healthcare: – Blockchain can securely store and share patient’s records, ensuring privacy and improving the accuracy of medical information.
  • Real Estate: – Blockchain can simplify the process of property transactions by securely recording ownership and transfer of assets.
  • Supply Chain Management: – Blockchain can track the movements of goods from source to destination. Providing transparency and reducing fraud.
  • Voting Systems: – Blockchain can create tamper-proof voting systems, ensuring fair and transparent elections.


Blockchain Technology ensures, how information is being stored, secured and shared. As we have seen, it is decentralized and having straightforward nature which, offers various benefits from improved security to expanded productivity. It’s Impact on finance, business and market is growing, as businesses and industries continue to explore and adopt blockchain technology.

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